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Established in 2022

College Green Language & Study is an English language summer school based at Trinity College Dublin, in the heart of Dublin, Ireland. We have over 25 years experience in English language learning and our CGLS Team are internationally qualified and very well experienced in supporting students to get in touch with their English language side. The CGLS team are all bilingual or multilingual; all our staff have themselves learnt to use other languages, so you can be guaranteed that we offer a learning experience based on our love, passion and personal experiences of learning and communicating in multiple languages. You will use English, learn, improve and increase your communication skills and your confidence on our interactive classroom and activities-based summer school. 
Experiencing Dublin with our summer school, means you will be using the English you already know, while learning more. Enjoying all the best spots in Dublin while learning English with College Green Language and Study, is an important segment of your journey learning to speak, write and communicate confidently in English. 

College Green Language and Study, Dublin 2, Ireland

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We provide learning opportunities that promote Greener Living Options for Successful Sustainability & a more humane world  © 2022 CGLS-Teo

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