Family 2 up 4

Students who want to learn English in a private setting will be interested in this course.

The course is only open to 1 or 2 students from the same family or group. The course can follow a General English course book and supplementary material or any other area selected by the students on registration; options can be provided according to the students levels, needs and interests.

Courses are a minimum of 15 hours per week over 4 days, Monday to Thursday. Longer hours can be arranged on request, to a maximum of 6 hours per day. Students benefit from a consistently high level of individual attention to make maximum progress within the week. The course is suited to students who may not want to be part of a larger student group or students who have limited hours in the day to devote to a course.

Beginners are also welcome to book this course and specific support can be given for students who are less familiar with the sounds of English and with the alphabet used to write in English.

1 or 2 children may attend the course on condition that a parent or guardian is present inside or right outside the training area for the entire duration of the lessons.