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General English

This course is for students  who want to use and improve their English language skills in a short period . Speaking, listening, reading, writing.
Students will only use English inside the classroom. They will take part in a variety of practical activities to practise using English in speaking and listening situations.
Students will also practice their reading skills and writing skills every day. You will use the most up to date course materials that are useful, interactive and fun.
All courses include use of multimedia.
In the last hour of the session you will look at topics relating specifically to places in Dublin . This will offer you some background to the activity using the English language, new vocabulary and grammar structure introduction . Also reviews that you can practise again in the afternoon with other students. You will be encouraged to use English inside of the classroom and outside of the classroom throughout your activities. The course aims to allow you , to learn language practice techniques that you can use forever. The program also allows you to experience Dublin equipped with new vocabulary and grammar structures. You can also actively use the optional daily after class excursions, planned activities and walkabouts. At the weekends you can join a full day trip with other students and CGLS team members. The main aim is to allow you to be more confident communicating in English for speaking and listening. You can improve your writing and reading purposes relevant to your life and goals. You will obtain a certificate of satisfactory attendance,  participation and course report from CGLS at the end of your course.
Total hours 20 in class and 10 activities outside.