IELTS exams

IELTS Intensive course is for students who want to take the IELTS test for academic purposes.
This test is widely recognised internationally.
It can be as part of an application to study at Trinity College Dublin.
Several other colleges around the world which offer degree programs in English accept the IELT cert.

The course offers students practical orientation to the exam formats for the four IELTS subtests.
Speaking, listening, writing and reading.
Students will  have the opportunity to do plenty of simulations.
Speaking test and practice the other components of the test.
They will receive individual support for areas of pronunciation requiring more attention.

 Students will have individual technical support for areas such as spelling, letter formation, punctuation, formatting and where they require more attention.

In the afternoons, IELTS students will engage self study in a quiet study space on campus or in their  accommodation. Also, a quiet stroll on the beautiful grounds of Trinity College Dublin or explore Dublin in the evenings. All IELTS students enjoy a full day tour of Dublin or tourist spots outside of Dublin every weekend.,

IELTS course is challenging and provides plenty of excellent preparation for the test day. Our CGLS Team of academic staff are well experienced in preparing students for the IELTS test. They will offer you the very best opportunity, guidance and structured feedback based on IELTS bands for each subtest.
Total hours: 20 in class and 10 of self-study.