Teacher training

This practical course is for students who would like to learn how to teach English to speakers of other languages, also known as TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language).

The course focuses on modelling everything that takes place in a good English language classroom. Students will participate actively from the first moment of the course. The course covers all the essential aspects involved in facilitating effective communicative-based lessons for the four main skills in English; speaking, listening, writing and reading. Subskills are also covered. Students will benefit from taking this course in the following ways: experiencing how an effective language classroom can work, engaging and actively participating as a way to learn key elements, have the chance to do practical micro-teaching (simulated lessons) with feedback daily. Learn how to use resources available to enhance learning. Students will also have the opportunity to use and improve their own English language skills in a total immersion environment. The course is suitable for individuals who would like to learn the skill of teaching English and is also suitable to primary and secondary school teachers working as English teachers who would like to take part in professional development to learn new ways to approach their students and the the curricula of their school. Full attendance and satisfactory participation is required in order to obtain a certificate of attendance & participation and a course report detailing topics covered as well as commentary on the individual’ s development over the duration of the course, with strengths and areas for development included. Our trainers are highly experienced in teaching English, in training and in the lived experienced of learning other languages, they are well-equipped to ensure you leave the course feeling more confident, more knowledgeable and more motivated to get your own students learning English more effectively. 
Total hours 30 in class.